There are many things to do while on Pag: from sun & sea time on one of the marvelous Pag beaches, recreation activities for the whole family to wine & dine experience of the Mediterranean cuisine to partying in Europe’s best beach clubs.

Wine & dine

Pag is known for rich and tasty Mediterranean cuisine.

You just have to taste the locally produced cheese from Pag made from sheep milk with its specific salty taste.

Another delicacy is the lamb meat from the lambs grown on the island.

The salt production

Visit the famous sea salt production facilities located on the island.

The sea salt production in Pag has been conducted for almost a century in a traditional way.

Sea salt is beneficial to our health due to high mineral composition of the sea salt.

National parks

Plitvice national park is UNESCO listed park. Magnificent waterfalls, cascading lakes, forest and nature are just breathtaking.

Paklenica National Park is located on southern Velebit and amazes visitors with its raw and untouched beauty.

Kornati islands

The Kornati islands are a breathtaking set of some 150 islands spreading in Central Dalmatia.

Clear green and blue waters and untouched nature make Kornati islands unique and captivating.

Visit Kornati by a boat for a full experience.


Pag seafloor is interesting for divers with adventurous spirit.

There are various archaeological sites, remains of sunken ships and rich underwater world.

There are several diving schools in Pag where you can learn to master basic diving skills and enjoy the diving experience.


Pag Bay is the perfect place for both windsurfing beginners and those professionals.

Position of the island and the constant wind in the afternoon provides optimal speed for pleasure of riding the waves.

You can rent the sails or teach how to sail in several spots on the island.